Lindholm Film has produced the DVD set CHAMS including:

Teachings on the meaning of Cham by Ven Tenga Rinpoche 12.08.2000. at Benchen Puntsok Ling in Belgium.
(2 hours)

Performance of:

The dances of Lama Sang Due
Dec. 1997 (26 min.)

After 3 years of preparations The Dances of Lama Sang Due was performed the very first time at Benchen Puntsok Dargye Ling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal on the 10th. december 1997 in full costumes and masks. This small film
was shot on that event – and
it was raining all day!


The Mahakala Dances
Feb. 1999 (26 min.)

The Mahakala Dances are performed in connection to the Tibetan New Year.
The preparations includes making of
a sandmandala and a puja lasting
for a week.

These sacred dances are performed every year in the tibetan monastery Benchen Puntsoq Dargye Ling in Kathmandu, Nepal.

For an introduction to the origin and meaning of Tibetan religious dances,
click here!

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